Evergreen Sportsmen's Club as it is, was built and formed throughout the late 1960's and early 70's. The club was derived from the foundation of a previous club called the Pogie club that owned property with a shooting facility on Marvin Road near where I-5 goes thru, as it were, the property was sold and used as part of the expansion of I-5. Sometime thereafter a member of the club discovered the property that is now E.S.C. The property had at one time been an emergency or backup airstrip during WWII for P-38 war planes.

Because of the unique location and size of the property it was purchased and setup as the facility it is now around 1970. Originally there were 24 traps put in place from the center of the club house to the right and later the rest of the traps to the left were added, making this the largest trap shooting facility on the west coast.

There are several events hosted typically each year that utilize the entire facility.

According to some senior members of our club there have been some members that were very instrumental to the success and growth of this club, such as Lee & Alice Brennon and Pete Strobl. Many members of the club consider the late Lee Brennon to be the father of our club, for his dedication and devotion to the foundation and strength of our club is unsurpassed.

Board of Trustees:

  • President - Ron Hull (2-year term expires 2022)
  • Vice President - Mike Nesbitt (1-year term expires 2021)
  • Secretary / Treasurer - Dan Solie (3-year term expires 2023)
  • Trustee - Chris Doniguian (3-year term expires 2021)
  • Trustee - Bill Dalton (3-year term expires 2023)
  • Trustee - Richard Flynn (3-year term expires 2021)
  • Trustee - Edward Vegara (2-year term expires 2021)
  • Trustee - Jim Bottorff (2-year term expires 2021)
  • Trustee - Joel Ball (2-year term expires 2022)

  • Staff:

  • Scott - Grounds Manager
  • Monique - Cashier
  • Laura - Cashier

  • Volunteers:
    The Evergreen Sportsmen's Club would also like to recognize and thank the countless volunteers that make the day to day operations and special events possible. We would also like to thank the volunteer RSO's that help keep our ranges a safe and enjoyable place to shoot.

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